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Kinoshita Yukiko - SKE48 Official Blog (2014/06/08 10:11) [Blog Posts of SKE48 Members Ranked in the Sousenkyo]


Kinoshita Yukiko (Rank 40 - Next Girls)


AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo…☆


Good morning!

Because I still haven’t expressed
my feelings of gratitude to everyone yet,
Even though it’s past one day already,
please let me convey it to you.

This year also we had the
AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo.

But for me, this was
a battle to get third time lucky.

This year surely,
whatever it takes, I wanted to rank-in!

I wanted to shed tears of happiness
along with all of you!

This was a sousenkyo which I aimed at with determination.

And as a result…

40th rank!!!!!!

Really very very
happy, and also
I’m incredibly surprised.

It’s the first time ranking in
and that too at 40th…

When my name was called out, at first
I couldn’t understand anything at all.
I couldn’t stop my tears,
And when I heard so much cheering from everyone,
So I started crying again,
And above that, a sense of happiness.
That was how I was feeling at that time.

Seriously, when my name wasn’t called out
even during the Future Girls as well,

"Ah~ It was no good this year as well. I guess I have lost again."

It was a time when I had given up.

I’m sorry.

But, I was so scared, so scared that
I started having a stomach pain
and thought I would collapse right now. LOL

My heart was also pounding so fast,
and I felt that I might throw up…

But I think that was the same feeling
in everyone who were supporting me
all this time, right?

It was so difficult, so difficult,
and so so frustrating,
I wanted to rank-in
no matter what.

It’s soon going to  be my
5th year in SKE,
I so glad that I came
all the way till here without giving up.
This was my strongest thoughts at that time!

I want to express my feelings of gratitude
to all  the people who have voted for me.

I want to really thank you
from the bottom of my heart.

Along with me, without giving up
all the way till here, you have stood beside me
and supported me. The kindness which you have given me,
I will never forget this throughout my life.

It wont be enough
no matter how many times I say Thank you!

What do I do….

In this year’s sousenkyo,
I know that all my fans
and even the fans of all the other girls  
have worked incredibly hard,
and that is exactly why I am so happy
that I could rank-in.
And to get such a beautiful ranking
was also impossible for me single-handedly.

I cannot stop bowing down to you.

Really really
thank you so very much.

And also to all the members, staff,
my friends and family members who became extremely happy
because of me ranking-in,
I am really very fortunate that I could come across
such wonderful people.

And more than anything, my mom who called me
when I was crying.

And she said

"You worked so hard all the way till here, right!
Mom is really very happy for you!

And my dad who would always care about me,
and keeps sending me mails each and every day.

He said,

"Yuki-chan! You did it!
Papa is so happy that I don’t know what to do.
Lets party after you come back to Nagoya okay! LOL”

I was also so happy,
but I think I couldn’t have been more happier than dad… LOL

And also, my shy but very kind brother

"I’m proud to be your brother, you know!

He’s proud it seems…
First time he said something like that to me. LOL

My family’s support always keeps saving me.

Thank you for always
sharing my feelings with me!

This huge present which
I have received from all of you.

I will always treasure it!

I guess I can never receive a bigger present
than this in my entire lifetime.

And also, there is a thing that I realised
about this sousenkyo.

It is the importance of conveying things.

If I wouldn’t put it into words,
I wont be able to convey things what I wanted to convey at all.

So from now onwards,
I will frankly and directly say out everything that
I want to convey.

I realised that it is the most important thing!

And there is something that I want to convey
to all the members who unfortunately couldn’t rank-in this time.

If you always wish for something
and if your feelings are strong enough
as strong as you wish for it, it will definitely come true!

I want everyone to show how strong their wish is everywhere.

Until now, even though how much I wanted it,
I wasn’t able to get it.
So I myself know that feeling of frustration,
just as much as anyone else.

But I don’t want you all to give up.

Akarin was also saying that
SKE48 is made up of the hard work of each and every member,
of course, that includes the members who didn’t rank-in in the sousenkyo as well.

That is why SKE48 will never end!

It’s not that only the members
who rank-in are working hard.

That is why I deeply agree with the words that Akarin said.

That was really warm, right….

I want to meet all of you soon
and say Thank you directly.

I want to properly digest all this happiness
and from today, once again
align with my dream and move forward!

Please keep supporting
Kinoshita Yukiko from here onwards as well!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Really, thank you so much!

ps. There is still something I wanted to write about,
I will do that once I have properly calmed down ☆